Using your foam roller

As you know, most of us here at Vital Core Physio run, and we certainly treat a lot of runners. Athletes of many ages and in many different sports need to stretch and massage themselves to balance the demands of training. We find that lots of people like to use a foam roller – a […]

Birth trainers – are they for everyone?

Many expectant mothers ask us about using birth trainers such as the EpiNo in preparation for labour. The idea of stretching the perineum in preparation for a vaginal delivery is of course not new with perineal massage being used for decades if not longer. The EpiNo device has been around for a number of years […]

What about pain?

There has been an extraordinary amount of research into pain in recent years, and physiotherapists have been at the forefront of it. The current model has moved from what is regarded as a ‘Cartesian model of pain’ where stimulation of a ‘pain nerve fibre’ in the tissues, sent a message that travelled to the brain. […]

Yurrebilla Ultra 56km

  Beck and I ran the Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon on the weekend – 56km of gorgeous trails, never more than 12km from the city, from Belair train station in the south to Gorge Rd, Athelstone and the top of the Linear Park in the North East. There was a little over 2000m of elevation to […]

The Perfect squat

Squats are an excellent exercise to maintain or improve lower body strength, especially around the hip joints. The key to a good squat is the ability to spread the load/effort across three joints; ankles, knees and hips. A common error is doing all the bending at the knees, and overloading the big front thigh muscles, […]

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