Mens health – issues in the bathroom or the bedroom?

by Pelvic health physio Danae

The last few years have seen a spotlight shon on areas of womens healthcare. But for most men with pelvic pain or dysfunction, their needs are still left in the dark. Erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, incontinence or problems with toileting aren’t the typical topics of conversation around the pub. So where do you go? Who do you talk to? 

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Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Men’s Health is an umbrella term that relates to the problems or pains in the pelvis. These can include pain emanating from structures inside the pelvic gridle: CPP (Chronic pelvic pain) or prostatitis, pain from the pudendal nerve (pudendal neuralgia), dysfunction of the male pelvic floor, the function or dysfunction of the male sexual organs […]

Should you do Pelvic Floor exercises?

This is a great article published last year with input from a range of outstanding leaders in the field of pelvic floor health. There is great information that we are sharing here directly through the link, but we’ll also copy the body of the text, as we all know that links go missing over time […]

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