Five tips to get more exercise into your work day

As a society we spend way too much time sitting down and with the COVID 19 restrictions this year, it is only getting worse. Research over the past 20 years has been telling us that sitting is the new smoking – obesity has taken over smoking as the leading cause of premature death and ill-health in Australia. Guess what of the main risk factors for obesity is? Yep –  A sedentary lifestyle – that means we’re not moving enough. Whilst a lot of the current situation is beyond our control and we do find ourselves sitting more, there is still plenty we can do to ensure we are remaining as active as possible.

So what can you do to get more exercise in your work day?

Here are 5 top tips to get you moving.

1) Exercise before and after work.

Commute to work via walking or bike? Or, drive part way and walk the rest? Even 20 minutes of exercise is better than none! And you’ll have to walk back to the car so that’s 40 minutes of exercise! You’ll also arrive at work invigorated and energised from your workout – bonus!

If you are working from home then organise your day so that you can do a 20 minute walk before you sit down at your home desk for the day and then do another one when you wrap things up.

If lockdown restrictions mean you can’t leave the house, make yourself do 20 minutes of simple exercises such as;

2 sets of;

10 squats

10 second single leg balance

10 wall or floor push ups

10 lunges

10 crunches or sit ups.

2) Move during your lunch break

Get outside and go for a walk around the block (or if in lockdown – around the back yard) in the sunshine rather than sitting at your desk typing away with one hand and eating a sandwich with the other – not only is it very unhygienic (computer keyboards are rife with bacteria unless they are well maintained) it’s also unhealthy. This will aide digestion, relax your eyes, calm your breathing and also help with your afternoon work productivity as the walk will rest your mind, making you sharp when you do sit back down at the computer.

3) Join a lunchtime zoom exercise class

In these challenging COVID times the emergence of the Zoom exercise class and online short workouts has been remarkable. Vital Core has jumped on as well with a series of 15-20 exercise sessions that you can purchase from the product section of our website. As well as ours there are literally millions of online exercise options out there for you to do a quick work out to either at lunchtime or instead of that afternoon coffee and cake break!

5) Set a timer

Every 50 minutes (most people’s maximum concentration span before productivity decreases) and have a  5 minute break. In that time stretch, do a couple of squats or calf raises and neck movements to keep you limber and give your poor eyes a break from that computer (see the next tip).

5. Regularly stretch and move at your work station

Whilst it often isn’t practical to actually leave your work station super regularly, you can still move and loosen your body. Watch this short video we made recently.


A quick way to get more exercise at your workstation


Vital Core Physiotherapy can help get you moving

Perhaps you have pain or discomfort. Or perhaps you just aren’t sure how to go about getting more exercise into your life. Vital Core Physio can help.

We will help to determine your goals. What you want to be able to do and why you aren’t doing them now.   Once we’re clear on this, then together we can formulate an effective and efficient plan to get you back to your best as soon as possible.

We aren’t about the quick fix. We are about the long term resolution of dysfunction and the promotion of healthy, active living.

Vital Core physio’s can do all the fancy treatment techniques from dry needling to kinesiotape as well a number of old fashioned tried and tested techniques of mobilisation and massage.

Most importantly though Vital Core physio’s will spend the time to develop a treatment plan with you that will include a progressive exercise plan. That is the ONLY way to ensure long term success.

If you can’t come into the clinic at the moment we can do an online consultation via our Telehealth platform which is super easy to use – just ask 🤗

What about exercise classes at Vital Core?

Why, I’m glad you asked!

Vital Core has a large number of physio lead exercise classes. The benefits of exercising under a physio are huge. The greatest benefit is you can be assured that your form is correct.

If for some reason you are not able to attend a class at the clinic we have a huge range of short exercise sessions you can purchase on our website under products.

So please come and see us and let us help you to become more active.

It’s easy to make an appointment online!

It’s easy to make a physiotherapy appointment. You don’t need a referral from your GP or specialist. You can just call and book yourself in, or use our online portal.

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