Running Physiotherapy

By Physio Stacey

Running injuries are horrible. They seem to sneak up on you ‘just’ as you are starting to feel good with your running. At first you just ‘keep going’ because it’s probably nothing more than a niggle that will settle. But it doesn’t. You try to ‘rest it’ and it seems to settle temporarily, but comes back as soon as you try and run again, or run a bit faster or harder. You may look to online help or ask a ‘forum’ what you should do and you receive a myriad of advice – because everyone has had ‘that’ issue before. Then you decide to cut through the confusion and go and see your physio – the Vital Core physio. What you should feel after your running injury assessment is, clarity.

Did you know that 50% of runners will have some form of injury … in ANY given year? Startling isn’t it?! That means that for all of you that run, you are more than likely to have an injury caused by running at least in the next couple of years. We all know that running is a fabulous form of exercise and we’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t run. However wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to (potentially) prevent or limit their occurrence. 

There is. At Vital Core physio we can assist you in developing the habits, strength, flexibility, endurance and control you (individually) require to avoid these injuries from occurring or if you’re already injured, to prevent them from coming back. 

Running Physiotherapy at Vital Core

Our team here at Vital Core physio is trained in running assessment, analysis and exercise prescription.

When you come in for you running injury assessment, we will sit down with you to work through what bought you in the door and what events or goals you might have in mind. We will also ask you lots of questions about your running history and previous injuries as well as a lot of general health questions. There will be questions that are particularly important for women hitting those middle years, and the impact of changing hormone levels. The teenage girls and boys, have varying demands on their bodies while they are growing and changing. Those with potential for bone density issues. By better understanding the runner we can better tailor a program to suit.

The next step is an assessment. We will start with the problem area and its adjacent joints. We will do a posture and functional assessment specifically designed for runners. Wear your comfy running gear – especially your shoes as we need to watch you run – as long as you are not too sore to do so (in which case we will delay this for a couple of weeks).  We use a fairly simple yet effective app based video analysis software, to record you running. This footage is really interesting to then slow down and break down your run into specific components. From this we can better understand your running mechanics and where there may be a deficiency.

We then put it all together; what you have told us (including your over all training load is like), what your posture and movements look like, what your strength and flexibility is like and finally what your running form looks like. Together, based on your goals we develop a treatment and exercise plan for you to complete at home, at the gym, or outdoors, to target areas which may have some imbalances and are likely to be causing your pain.  Like all good programs we need to stay focused and consistent. All programs need to be a minimum of three months. Thats how long it takes to build muscular strength and form good habits. Thats why all the online programs are 12 weeks. It’s a time frame that works. 

Can I have a running assessment if I don’t have an injury?

What a brilliant idea! Imagine having an assessment to see just where you are right now and what areas you should perhaps work on? 

A running assessment is really suitable for anyone who runs or wants to run. You can be a beginner or an ultra runner regular. You can be very young or very old. It doesn’t matter, we will work with you. It’s also suitable for those who play sports that require a lot of running – basketball, football, soccer etc. It can be used a pre-season screening tool. The main reason to do the running assessment is that you want to run better and with less injuries. 



Why, I’m glad you asked. You all know how much we love this program. It’s been going for 5 years now and has developed into our most popular class with three sessions running each school term. RunFit is a progressive 8 week strength class designed specifically for running. It is suitable for everyone.  

If you have a running event coming up, are sore after playing your sport or would like more information, please contact us on 83310552 to book in your running assessment or you can book online.


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