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For all your physiotherapy needs. Neck or back physiotherapy to ease pain and stiffness from sitting at the computer too long. Sports physiotherapy for those ankle sprains or knee pain from weekend basketball, footy or netball. Running physiotherapy to get you back out on the roads or trail. We've got you covered. We also have our specialised services of pregnancy physiotherapy and pelvic floor physiotherapy.

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About Vital Core Physiotherapy

Vital Core Physiotherapy has been helping our community move and feel better since 2003. We provide high level general physiotherapy for women, men and children. Being very active people ourselves we have a great interest in the recreational runner as well as the teenage athlete.

We also specialise in Women’s Health physiotherapy which includes pregnancy and post natal physiotherapy, bone health and the female athlete. We are highly experienced, qualified and respected in the area of pelvic floor physiotherapy for women, men and children. This includes incontinence, urgency and prolapse as well as other bowel conditions including post surgical pelvic floor management.

We have a wonderfully large and equipped gym for all your strength and conditioning needs as well as a modern and bright Clinical Pilates studio. Evidence has shown that an individualised exercise program is the single most important factor in recovering from injury and we love to provide, support and progress our patients.

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    It’s easy to make a physiotherapy appointment. You don’t need a referral from your GP or specialist. You can just call and book yourself in, or use our online portal.

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