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Back Pain

Experience targeted relief and long-term solutions for back problems through comprehensive assessments and individualised treatment plans focused on your goals.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Discover effective solutions for neck and shoulder pain and headaches through physiotherapy treatments aimed at restoring mobility and reducing discomfort as well as determining the underlying cause and managing it.

Knee Problems

Regain mobility, strength and function through your knees with our high quality assessments and customised rehabilitation programs.

Running & Sports Injuries

Get back out there enjoying your running, basketball or other sports as soon as possible with our highly experienced physio team lead by Sports Physiotherapist (Grad Cert. Sports and Ex) and keen runner Physio Beck to ensure you have the right assessment and targeted rehabilitation program.

Pelvic Health

Highly qualified and specialised physiotherapy team led by Specialist (Registrar) Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Tory Toogood, we can help with pelvic floor dysfunction in women, men and children. Common conditions include incontinence, pain, prolapse, bowel issues, childbirth trauma and sexual dysfunction.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Physio

Highly specialised physiotherapy to support the changing needs women through the childbearing year promoting and active and comfortable journey. Offering hands on treatment, advice on posture and exercise as well as offering specialised pregnancy pilates (style) classes as well as pregnancy strength and conditioning classes. Then after you have had your baby we can help you get sit and strong again so you can reach your goals.

Physio Supported Exercise Classes

Exercise classes for everyone in our community regardless ofage or stage. All of our classes are designed and supported by our experienced physio team, to ensure safe and correct technique at all times. We offer Clinical Pilates (style) classes as well as a large variety of strength and conditioning classes. Each class is individualised to you.

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