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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Pain as you start to run or perhaps you notice it more the next day

  • A feeling of not being strong or powerful in the hips, legs or ankles.

  • Fed up with reinjuring an area and wanting to get it better once and for all!

  • A noticeable decline in performance.

  • A niggle that you want to get onto quickly so that it doesn't develop into anything more serious.

  • An event or tournament that you want to be 100% ready for.

  • Need ongoing physio management through your competition season.

If you answered YES to any of the above, the team at Vital Core Physiotherapy can help.

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About Vital Core Physiotherapy

Since 2003, Vital Core has been providing comprehensive physiotherapy services for women, men, and children. We specialise in supporting recreational runners and teenage athletes regardless of the goal. We also love to help women return to running and sport after having a baby. We also love to help women keep running and exercising through and past menopause.

Our expertise includes helping women with pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence or prolapse be able to exercise.

With our brand new clinic in the heart of Norwood we also have a well-equipped gym and modern clinical pilates studio.

All of this combines to offer our community the best possible physio experience to overcome their running issues and get back out there enjoying life.

What to Expect at Your

Sports Physiotherapy Session?

We understand the unique needs of active individuals like you, whether you're a dedicated basketball player, tennis enthusiast, or passionate about running.

At Vital Core, we specialise in helping athletes, especially women, recover from injuries sustained during activities.

Our goal is to provide a supportive and empowering environment where you can regain your strength and confidence to get back in the game or on the trails.

Our comprehensive assessment process includes a detailed exploration of your training history, allowing us to tailor our treatment plan to your individual needs.

Together, we'll develop a customised treatment plan to help you achieve your goals and return to your favorite sports activities stronger than ever.

Don't let sports injuries hold you back. Take the first step towards recovery by scheduling an appointment with us today. Let's work together to get you back in the game and performing at your best!

Download Your FREE Sports Injury Information Pack:

“8 Top Tips For Preventing and Treating

Running & Sport Injuries”

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Sports Physiotherapy Interests at Vital Core Physiotherapy

First and foremost we are community physiotherapists and we love to treat all injuries. Every patient has our 100% focus and attention and our skill level is such that we will get them 100% better or refer them to someone who can.

Recreational running is a particular interest to us and as such, running physiotherapy is where we truly excel. If you are just getting back into running, or have recurrent niggles or injuries we can help. We also run a term based exercise program called RunFit .

We have also combined our love of sport and our women’s health expertise to focus on teenage girls. We saw a need for a specific exercise class for this group – away from the mothers and in a comfortable peer supported environment. Girls in sport is in a decline and we think we can help by decreasing injury rates.

We also offer a focused teenage girls Clinical Rehab classes known as Teenfit. These classes utilise the Pilates equipment and other devises, together with our physio expertise to deliver a class full of exercises designed to improve coordination and strength in adolescent sporting girls. This helps with their confidence, performance as well as decreasing injury risk.

Tory is a ‘Bronze’ provider of physiotherapy services for Rowing Australia and has over 30 years of rowing experience to share with school, club or masters rowers.

Beck has advanced training with a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy and leads the Vital Core Physiotherapy team in the most up to date, evidenced based injury rehabilitation for a range of sports injuries.

The Vital Core Physio team can help you be your best.

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Is Our Physiotherapy Programme Right for You?

  • Our team of physiotherapists at Vital Core Physiotherapy have helped 1000's of patients get back to running and sports without the burdeon of pain or weakness.

  • Here’s just a few of the things our Vital Core Physio Team can do for you:

  • We can help quickly relieve your pain and stiffness, often within just a couple of sessions.

  • On day one, we can provide you with a diagnosis and how to recover, so you can feel confident and informed about your treatment.

  • We can help you discover what's truly causing your issue and address the root issue in as little as 40 minutes.

  • We believe and active community is a healthy community and we love to help patients find ways to get more movement in their life.

  • We have a Clinical Pilates studio as well as a Strength and Conditioning studio to help you to rehabilitate your injury with guideance and supervision.

  • Postpone or even prevent needing surgery for knee or hip pain.

  • Provide and evidence based assessment and treatment plan for your running or sports injury.

  • Our goal is to help you stay active and enjoying a fulfilling life, free from the curse of running related injuries.

What's next? You've got a decision to make - another month gone without solving your problem, or are you ready to get back to doing the things you love?

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6 Reasons To Choose Vital Core Physiotherapy

  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Physiotherapists: Vital Core Physiotherapy has a team of highly experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists who have extensive practical knowledge in various areas of physiotherapy.

  • Personalised Treatment Approach: Vital Core Physiotherapy focuses on providing personalised treatment plans to ensure that you receive the most effective and targeted care.

  • Comprehensive Range of Services: Vital Core Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy management for musculoskeletal, sports, women's health and pelvic health conditions. Physiotherapy developed exercise classes include; Clinical Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, RunFit, StrongFit and TeenFit to keep the whole family strong and active.

  • Collaborative Approach: The best physio clinics often work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals including GP's and Specialists. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care and facilitates effective communication and referrals if needed.

  • Excellent Facilities and Equipment: The best physio clinics in Norwood, Adelaide invest in modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality care.

  • Great Reputation: When choosing a physio clinic, it's helpful to consider the standing reputation in the community. Vital Core has been successfully helping the eastern Suburbs of Adelaide since 2003. We are the trusted physiotherapists of a very large number of GP's and Specialists.

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