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Jan 23

The dangers of sitting

We know we sit too much as a society, that we should move more and so on, but are you aware of how much our physiology changes when we sit for prolonged periods? How just standing every half hour makes a massive (positive) difference to our hormones and our risk for chronic diseases such as […]

Jan 23

Franklin method – shoulders and neck

Last year, Rebecca and I attended the World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain in Dubai.  We came away brimming with ideas for blog posts and enthusiasm, and are getting to the task of writing them up. We did a full day workshop with dancer Eric Franklin, who has developed what he calls ‘The Franklin Method’ […]

Jan 23

Using your foam roller

As you know, most of us here at Vital Core Physio run, and we certainly treat a lot of runners. Athletes of many ages and in many different sports need to stretch and massage themselves to balance the demands of training. We find that lots of people like to use a foam roller – a […]