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Jul 12

KidFit is here!


Kids need exercise, and most aren’t getting enough. In 2014, the Australian Government recommended that children between the ages of 5 and 12 get at least one hour of exercise per day. We as health industry leaders want to develop their love of exercise at a young age so they will continue to grow into healthy teens and adults.

Here at Vital Core Physiotherapy, we are offering a new Kid Fit class suitable for children and pre-teens of all abilities. Kid Fit combines Pilates, yoga, circus, dance and tailored exercises, in a fun, exciting and safe way.

In addition to having fun, our classes are designed to assist your children in developing:

· Social skills

· Cooperation/Team work

· Self esteem

· Individuality

· Gross motor skills

· Coordination

· Balance

· Core strength


Please speak to your Vital Core Physio about any concerns you have with your child’s development, coordination or strength.  Stacey has much paediatric physio experience and can devise a 1:1 program, a home exercise program or tell you more about your child’s suitability for the class.  Call 8331 0552 to make a time.