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Apr 20

New class!

Stretch and Move Class with Stacey!
Do you spend a lot of your work day sitting down, or in awkward and bent postures? Or do you simply find that no matter what you do you seem to be stiff? Perhaps you just want to go to a class and move, stretch and feel better? Either way this class is for you!

Stacey has designed a class to target your muscles in a way that will help improve your flexibility, your mobility and which will leave you feeling more limber and taller when you walk out the door! Stacey uses a variety of exercises, stretches and movement patterns to help encourage better postures and to help you lengthen your limbs and body so that you are more flexible, move better and feel better!

Stretch and Move is an 8-week series designed to improve your flexibility, body awareness and to melt away any stress. This progressive 45-minute class utilizes a variety of exercises, stretches and movement patterns (tailored to the abilities of each individual) to improve range of movement, provide you with the skills to manage any aches and pains, and to get you feeling great again.  Excellent for those with back/neck injuries, looking to improve general flexibility, who would like a gentler version of exercise, those in the early postnatal period, or wishing to simply de-stress. Your participation in this progressive class will include a handout each week, which will allow you to practice the skills you have learnt in class, at home.

Each series is run during the school term and payment is required before starting the course. Initial physiotherapy assessment is required before entry into class so that we can discuss your history, your goals and assess your current movement patterns and restrictions.  Our next term starts on Wednesday May 10th 2017.

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