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Jan 9

Pilates 2017

by Kelly Homann

From February 7th, we will embark upon our second term of traditional Mat Pilates, a series of 22 gentle, progressive exercises designed to improve your core strength. With a focus on strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and good posture Pilates is an exercise program you can take out of the gym and into your everyday life.

Pilates class

At the end of 2016 we were excited to introduce some of our long term gym participants and some new faces (including our Practice Manager Elizabeth) to a beginners program of Pilates. Across the group we had a broad range of ages, abilities, experience and physical conditioning. Everyone was working towards the common goal of improving their own wellbeing, which provided lovely supportive and nurturing environment.

It has been a joy to watch this group focusing on body awareness and pushing themselves to do things they found physically challenging. Every week saw us making small gains, which at the time seemed insignificant but at the conclusion of our eight week term everyone was shocked to find how far they had progressed. We’ve enjoyed hearing stories about personal gains in movement, flexibility, strength, endurance and how our participants have found their commitment to gentle exercise has impacted positively on their daily life.

On the back of the success of our first term, I’m looking forward to running two Mat Pilates classes in term one of 2017 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We’d love you to join us!

Call us on 8331 0552 to find out more or to book your 1:1 assessment for the class series.