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About our classes
Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, rehabilitating from an injury / surgery or would like to set yourself some new exercise goals in 2018, our group classes are a safe and enjoyable way to maintain an active lifestyle, no matter what age or stage you are at. All classes are lead by one of our Physiotherapists and tailored to suit the specific needs and physical requirements of all participants. Individual attention will ensure you are exercising correctly and safely whilst managing any injuries or problem areas. Speak to your treating Physiotherapist about which class would be most suitable for you.
Strength and Conditioning

Ideal for patients returning to exercise following an injury or surgery, those looking for a targeted work out or working around a physical limitation.   Your physiotherapist will develop an exercise program specifically for you focusing on core areas. Using our fully equipped gym, you will work through your program under the guidance and supervision of a physiotherapist to ensure you are working safely and with correct technique. To achieve the best results and continuous improvement a program review is due every six months.

Strong Core

With a focus on improving core stabilisation for improving back, neck and pelvic strength, Strong Core is an energetic, fun way to start your Saturday morning! Ideal for those wishing to start or return to exercise or those looking to stay accountable to exercising regularly with other people. An ideal progression from Mums and Bubs.

Mature Movers

Tailored to those over 45, this class is a fun and social way to commit to ongoing exercise. With a focus on movement, weight bearing, balance and co-ordination, you will make your way through a circuit using our gym equipment and floor based activities.   All exercises are developed by a physiotherapist and closely supervised to ensure your safety.

Mummycise (pre natal)

Designed for pregnant women, from the earliest stages until delivery, this class focuses on low back and pelvic stability as well as upper back and neck posture. This is a lovely gentle class designed specifically to stretch and nurture your hard working preganant body. Suitable for all previous fitness levels.

Mums and Bubs (post natal)

Specifically designed to address the needs of post-partum women, our Mums and Bubs classes focus on rebuilding control of your pelvic floor, abdominal wall and gluteal strength. Participants are welcome to bring their babies (up to crawling) to exercise together in a friendly, nurturing, safe and sociable environment. Exercises will be modified to suit the fitness levels of all participants. Available 4+ weeks post partum.

Mat Pilates

Ideal for strengthening, toning, core control and increased flexibility Mat Pilates involves precise movements (the majority performed sitting or laying) in combination with specific breathing techniques to increase your body and mind connection. Pilates exercises can be tailored to your individual needs and are a great way of returning to exercise following the birth of a baby. Pilates is also idea for men and women wanting to breathe better, move better, stand taller and live with less pain. All participants must have completed a minimum of 5 beginners sessions before commencing in an open class.

Clincial Pilates

Clinical Pilates can benefit acute and chronic neck and back conditions, poor posture, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, post surgery rehabilitation and aid in the prevention of recurrent injuries. Each clinical pilates program is designed to suit the individual patients and uses a combination of pilates reformer, trapeze table and mat exercises to work specific areas of the body. An initial program assessment & three private sessions are required before joining a clincial pilates small group.

Run/Walk Fit – 8 week term – see receptionist for details

Designed for those wanting to get back to running effectively and without pain. This class is also suitable for those who enjoy fitness walking. Ideal if you have been out of action for a while or your body doesn’t do what it used to. Small groups enable our physios to monitor your progress and pay particular attention to technique and fitness.

KidFit – 8 week term – see receptionist for details

Incorporating yoga, gymnastics, circus, dance and exercise circuits this class is designed to help kids find the fun in physical activity. Run by a physiotherapist with paediatrics experience Kid Fit is a great way to help children work on balance, endurance, co-ordination in a fun team / group environment.


$40 per calendar month for unlimited access (no concessions or further discounts apply)

For patients who find it difficult to fit in with our supervised gym sessions we are opening our gym up for casual, unsupervised gym sessions.  Available when classes aren’t in session you will require a personal gym program, clearance from your treating physiotherapist and regular program updates to participate.  More information is available from reception.  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL


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