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Rebecca (Beck) Sabine

Rebecca (Beck) Sabine

Beck is a Women’s Health and Pelvic floor physiotherapist. Her passion is in helping women with dysfunctions such as incontinence, weakness, prolpase or pain, to regain confidence in their bodies and remain physically active through life. After suffering severe pelvic girdle pain with her own pregnancies Beck is also passionate in treating and managing women with similar problems and helping women return to normal post natal activities as soon as possible. She finds helping women return to sport in particular running after having a baby very rewarding.

Beck has a wealth of knowledge and experience in exercise rehabilitation and manual therapies for general and sporting injuries. Running related injuries are her strong interest point, and helping people achieve their running goals (5km through to ultra marathon)injury free is what she loves.

Beck is a member of numerous physio and allied health organisations and is regularly attending conferences and workshops to enhance her knowledge in all areas of physiotherapy especially women’s health and running.

Beck has three young children to keep her busy, and enjoys keeping herself fit with regular running and strength training. In her down time you can find Beck running out on the roads, occasionally on the trails and in the local running events (10km’s through to marathons). She enjoys a challenge and is always looking for the next adventure!