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Unique Services

Postnatal Assessment

Following the birth of a baby it can be difficult to know where to start with returning to exercise. All of our physiotherapists are trained in assessing a new mum to determine how strong she is through her hips, tummy and spine. We also screen for Pelvic floor problems. If there are pelvic floor problems, we have a number of experienced Pelvic Floor physiotherapists to assess, treat and create the ideal program for you and your pelvic floor to help you achieve your goals. We help women safely and effectively work towards their goals of returning to the gym, running or competitive sport, utilising our ‘Mums and bubs’ classes each week as well as a personalised home exercise program.

Real time ultrasound

Vital Core Physiotherapy utilises the current technology and research in Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to help our Ultrasound trained physiotherapists diagnose and manage deficits in the deep stabilising muscles of the spine, pelvis and hips. Research has shown that specific exercises which target these muscles can enhance recovery and reduce the recurrence of low back and pelvic pain.

RTUS allows clients to clearly view these specific muscles as they contract allowing for easy and effective retraining.

RTUS being used in a training session to look at abdominal muscles

Fully Equipped Gymnasium

Your treatment plan may include a therapeutic exercise program for pre or post surgical rehabilitation, personal fitness programs or to address specific weaknesses. Our physiotherapists can supervise your program in our gym during our ‘Strength and Conditioning’ sessions to ensure accurate exercises, perfect technique and maximum benefits. Our gym is WorkCover accredited.

Our equipped gym space is great for personalised exercise programs

Mature Movers Circuits

Tailored to those over 50, this class is friendly and social whilst combating arthritis, osteoporosis and other rehabilitation issues through safe and closely supervised exercise. Initial assessment required prior to entry. Come and join our great group, in a rehabilitative class.

Strong Core

A dynamic class based on improving core stabilisation for improving back, pelvic and neck strength. There is also a focus on spinal mobility and flexibility. Initial physiotherapy assessment or recent experience in Mums and Bubs or Pilates is required prior to entry to class, in order to access health fund rebates.


For pregnant ladies from 12 weeks to full term! The class utilises the Swiss ball, resistance banding, and mat based exercises. The focus is on safely, and effectively strengthening and improving the control and quality of movement through the low back, pelvis and hips, as well as improving the upper back and neck posture and mobility. All exercises are developed to be Pelvic floor safe. Flexibility and mobility is also important and we use the swiss balls to aide in gentle movement and stretching. The class is suitable for all fitness levels. Initial physiotherapy assessment is required prior to entry into class.

Mums and Bubs

New mums (from 6 weeks post natal) can come along with their bubs (up to crawling) to exercise together in a friendly environment. The focus is on developing strength and control through the key areas to a new mum. These include the Pelvic floor, abdominals, hip and buttock muscles as well as the postural muscles of the upper back and shoulders. These classes are friendly and supportive to all new mums. As well as the exercise then benefit of socialising with other women at the same stage as you can be wonderful for a woman’s mental health.


Pilates has been used for improving posture and movement for more than 80 years. At Vital Core physiotherapy we focus on getting the correct activation and movement patterns to improve your core and posture in a safe and supportive space. The progressive series runs through the school term and is suitable for all ages and abilities and serves as a great variation for those wanting targeted core training.We have both Mat Pilates and Clinical Pilates classes on offer.


Running is a fabulous form of exercise. It improves cardiovascular health, lower limb strength and mental health. Unfortunately as an activity that relies on repetitive impact it is often associated with injuries. Many of these injuries can be prevented with targeted exercise and knowledge about training principles. RunFit is a progressive 8-week strength based circuit with home exercises to improve the general form and ability of the recreational runner and to help those who want to start or return to running.