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Running and Sports physio

Running injuries and  in fact sports injuries in general, are frustrating, often preventing or limiting participation and performance.

Vital Core Physiotherapy takes an active approach to managing all sorts of sporting injuries and return to sport programs for both recreational and serious athletes of all ages. We have a plethora of information on our sporting blog page.

Common conditions we manage;

  • Adolescent pains – often considered as ‘growing pains’ – Osgood Schlatters or Sever’s conditions.
  • Runners/ netballer’s knee
  • Ankle sprains
  • Swimmers shoulder
  • Runners ITB, chillies, hamstring or hip pain.
  • Tennis or golfers elbow
  • ACL reconstructions
  • Joint dislocations

We take an early intervention approach to preventing any niggle or concern becoming an injury by analysing your biomechanics in order to optimise your efficiency whether it’s a tennis swing, throw, rowing stroke, kick, or stride. We also use slow motion video analysis to assist us with this process as required.

What to expect in your physio session?

In your session your Vital Core Physio will determine what it is you want to achieve. Your goals. They will ask you lots of questions as to why it is important. It’s a lot easier to rehabilitate an injury when you know what the stimulus really is.

Then they will thoroughly assess and diagnose your problem and discuss it with you in a way you understand.

Together you and your Vital Core Physio will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back to those goals.

Most treatment plans will go for at least 3 months. Not that you will necessarily need to be at the physio all the time, but we understand the physiology and pathology of injuries and we know what is required to get a problem 100% better. Pain is often just the tip of the iceberg.

We don’t focus just on the pain. We want you 100%

Key interests at Vital Core

First and foremost we are private practice physiotherapists and we love to treat a variety of injuries. Every patient has our 100% focus and attention and our skill level is such that we will get them 100% better or refer them to someone who can.

Recreational running is a particular interest to us and as such it is where we truly excel. If you are just getting back into running, or have recurrent niggles or injuries we can help. We also run a term based exercise program called RunFit . 

RunFit class is held Monday and Tuesday nights through the school term as an 8 week program.

More recently we have combined our love of sport, our women’s health expertise to focus on teenage girls. We saw a need for a specific exercise class for this group – away from the mothers and in a comfortable peer supported environment. Girls in sport is in a decline and we think we can help by decreasing injury rates. Read more about girls in sport.

We also offer a focused teenage girls Clinical Rehab classes. These classes utilise the Pilates equipment and other devises, together with our physio expertise to deliver a class full of exercises designed to improve coordination and strength in adolescent sporting girls. This helps with their confidence, performance as well as decreasing injury risk.

Tory is a ‘Bronze’ provider of physiotherapy services for Rowing Australia and has over 30 years of rowing experience to share with school, club or masters rowers. She is available to run programs at your club in injury prevention, optimal warm up routines, and off water strengthening programs in addition to treatment for athletes.