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Nov 5

Osgood Schlatter Disease – knee pain in active kids

By Vital Core Physio Olivia Bredenkamp Is your healthy active child complaining of pain in the front if the knee? Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD) is a common knee condition that affects active growing children and is characterised by pain in the front of the knee, however it is not a disease as the name suggests. It’s […]

Oct 16

Sports physiotherapy – not just for the elite

Sports physiotherapy is for anyone who injures themselves whilst exercising. It takes into account the pathology of the injury, tissue healing and tissue loading science and then applies that to the person and their goals, situation and belief. At Vital Core we do this well.

Jul 4

Sleep is vital for injury prevention

Adolescents and sleep. That old issue, huh? In adolescence, kids like to go to sleep later and sleep later in the morning, but they have to get up early enough to conform with school timetables. It has ever been thus. ┬áHormonal changes that also affect the sleep wake cycle turn our kids into night owls […]