Mens health – issues in the bathroom or the bedroom?

by Pelvic health physio Danae

The last few years have seen a spotlight shon on areas of womens healthcare. But for most men with pelvic pain or dysfunction, their needs are still left in the dark. Erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, incontinence or problems with toileting aren’t the typical topics of conversation around the pub. So where do you go? Who do you talk to? 

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“I think my running days are over” A tale of a recreational runner with knee pain

David is an Adelaide man in his sixties who has been a recreational runner for over 30 years. When another bout of severe knee pain hit at the beginning of 2020 he thought “old age” had caught up with him and he’d have to hang up his runners. However with his commitment and a tightly structured program of strengthening and slow progression back into running, David was able to compete in the Adelaide half marathon just 9 months later. Let his story motivate you to sit less and move more and achieve your activity goals.

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