Mens health – How to ask for help

By Physio Thomas

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles.

At Vital Core Physiotherapy, we hope to help men with a variety of physical ailments. These can range from sore necks from carrying their newborns, post-op knee replacement stiffness, to our sponsored Norwood Flame basketballers, booking in to increase their explosiveness on the court. More uniquely, Vital Core Physiotherapy specialises in Pelvic Health, helping men with difficulties of bladder, bowel or sexual function.

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Running Physiotherapy

Running injuries are horrible. They seem to sneak up on you just as you are starting to feel good with your running. At first you just keep going because you rationalise that it’s probably nothing more than a niggle that will settle on it’s own. But then it doesn’t. You try to rest it and […]

Rest days, the most unvalued part of training

By Dr Shiree Perano – Adelaide Women’s Health Coach

I get it, rest days are hard. I miss my exercise endorphins, I get grumpy with my husband and I snap at the kids. I’m just a big angry grey cloud. So why not just push through and train every day? There is a very simple reason, we need a rest day because this is when we actually get stronger, fitter and faster, and that’s what we all want right? 

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