Confessions from a dietician who couldn’t eat well in pregnancy.

We’re all human, and we all do the best we can with what we have at any given time.

I had a great meeting with Viktoria last week, as she told me about her fairly torrid pregnancy and her struggles to do as she should, to eat as she should and follow her own advice.  Her wisdom shone through however, her confession that practicing towards herself the kindness that she encourages her own clients to practice themselves, and the challenges in accepting that she was doing the best she could, even though it fell well short of her expectations of herself.

She wasn’t able to exercise, she hasn’t been able to since the birth of her baby, and she is still struggling to put the best strategies into place again.

I could relate!  And so I asked if I could share with all of you her emotional story.

Please read, cry, commiserate and share!