Female triathletes and Pelvic Floor Health

The research shows that at least one in every THREE female athletes has a pelvic floor disorder. One in three!!! Look at your running group. Your netball group, your aerobics class, your hiking friends, even your cycling friends. One in three has a problem or problems with their pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can diagnose and treat pelvic floor issues. As physiotherapists with advanced training in pelvic floor dysfunction, we can also refer back to your GP for medical follow up or let you know when you need to see a gynaecologist.

This article was published recently, highlighting pelvic floor dysfunction in female triathletes.

If you have a problem with leaking of urine when you exercise or at any other time, find intercourse painful, or notice a heaviness in your pelvis, please contact us or your nearest women’s health physio for assessment and advice.