Back to Basics – this may be for you.

What is Back to Basics?

Back to Basics is a gentle and quiet floor based exercise class utilising Pilates and other well known movement and simple exercise principles. It is great for re-establishing the fundamentals of body awareness and trunk control and the coordination of movement and breathing.

Who is Back to Basics for?

This class is fabulous for those who have become unsure of ‘how’ they should move. Perhaps they have become a bit fearful or mistrusting of their body? Perhaps they have had a nasty injury to their neck or back. It is a fabulous class for those who have suffered persistent pain especially in the back or pelvis.

What can you expect?

Upon arriving you will notice that the class is fairly quiet. The music is gentle and the Physio speaks with a gentle quiet tone.

You can wear what ever makes you feel comfortable. Stretchy clothes are a must as you need to be able to move easily.

Within the class there is also a good amount of spinal mobility work. Some will be in standing and some will be down on the mat. All through the movements the physio will talk about your breath and will constantly remind you to ‘let go’ through your shoulders, neck and abdominals. It is amazing how much your breath has to do with tension in these areas.

It is a quiet energy class, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t work hard – there is a lot of work that goes into controlling your breathing and moving well!

Before commencing a Back to Basics class you need an assessment to see just where you are at and make sure it is the class that is best for you. Let Physio Danae explain further.

Please refer to our timetable for our Back to Basics classes.