Goal setting for an awesome year

Goal setting – it’s an essential part of self improvement. With a new year ahead of us, it is the perfect time to make changes in our life to help us move forward.

2021 was another incredibly challenging year. One that may have caused us to fall off the exercise wagon or perhaps be a little bit less active with our work from home set ups. As much as it is easy to pull apart the past year and focus on all the poor decisions we made, how about we also pull out all the awesome things we did do. What were you most proud of? Make sure you take a little bit of time and pat yourself on the back and say “well done, you did that”!

Ok, now, it’s time to look ahead. What would you like to pat yourself on the back for this time next year.

Start by dreaming big

Please take a minute to watch this beautiful video. It epitomises goal setting.


It’s time to think about what have you always wanted to do?

If you could, what would you do more of because it makes you happy or truly excited? Taking time to really think about it, what is your purpose? These are the things that you need to get more of into your 2022.

Thinking about next year, what are you most excited for? Perhaps you are aiming for a step up at work, or even going back to study. Perhaps you will have more time away from work or more Sundays with the family.

Lets look a bit deeper. Do you need to change a behaviour? Stop smoking, start moving? Eat better? Get more sleep? Decrease your stress?

When you look back on 2021, did you move enough every day? We recommend you get around 30 minutes of movement every day or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week – how did you really go? Be honest with yourself.

How were your stress levels this year? Did you manage your stress well?

How strong or fit are you? Do you wish you had done a bit more than you did?

Would you like to do some sort of event this year? Is there a walking trip, running race, community event that you would like to participate in? Have you seen our previous blogs talking about Clinical Rehab and would like to try it? Would you like to start running or try a RunFit class?

When you reflect on 2021 did you achieve your goals you set yourself? If not, why not? Was there anything you could have done differently? The AIS (Australian Institute of sport) recommend reflecting on your previous goals and asking yourself where they;

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely?

This can help to structure the next years goals more effectively.

Write it all down

It will really be a bit of a mind map or a list – sticky labels can be great too.

You can put it all under headings such as;

  • Lifestyle/health
  • Adventure
  • Relationships
  • Work/ Study
  • Financial

Then it’s time to fine tune

SMART goals

All goals need to be S.M.A.R.T which we wrote more about in a previous blog.

Make each of these thoughts more specific. For example if you put (under health) “move more”, could you change that to “move continuously at least 5 days a week”. Or if you had “manage stress” change it to “participate in daily/ weekly activities which are known to decrease stress”.

These goals then need to be measurable. For example “Move regularly” is not measurable. However “move for 30 minutes continuously 5 days a week” is measurable.

The goals then need to be achievable in the time frame. Can you actually get this done? If you have never run before, running a marathon next month is NOT achievable. However it may be achievable in 8-12 months.

The goals also need to be realistic. If we take the marathon example, for some people that just is not realistic. Perhaps that goal is changed to a 5km or 10 km run.  Make that goal just outside your comfort zone. Have you ever heard…. thats where the magic happens.

These goals will all have a timeline attached to them. Some you will get done early in the year, others will take the whole 12 months. Take your time and work it out. Perhaps there will be smaller steps leading up to the big goal.

From there you need to work out a plan to achieve every single one of these goals. Work backwards from the goal. When it comes to physical goals the team at Vital Core can really help you. Making a structured plan towards a goal is what we do best.

Once you have that plan, work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Vital Core M.A.P

This is where the Vital Core Motivation and Accountability posture (MAP) can help. Every day you do ‘the thing’ you need to do to work towards your goal and you place a sticker to show it. Over the course of the year you will accrue a poster full of evidence of you working towards your goal. From little things big things grow.

With the Vital Core team as your accountability buddy you can achieve your goals in 2022.


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