More great pain science knowledge bombs!

The NOI group with contributors all over the world but some of the best based here in Adelaide, are the foremost pain research group in the world. Educators, researchers and clinicians, they are helping all of us improve not only our understanding of pain but also how we try to explain pain to our patients.

They have just made available a lovely graphic outlining key concepts in pain – these are the nuggets of information that everyone experiencing pain beyond the early acute stages needs to know.

Key concepts for pain education


The tricky thing for many of us is that this information seems counterintuitive – the understanding of pain for us is so completely related to tissue damage in particular that it is difficult to appreciate that tissue damage is often not associated with pain, and that how we feel, how stressed we are and whether or not we have bigger things to think about will impact on our experience of pain.

Physiotherapists are at the forefront of embracing this information, helping our patients through education and explanations, graded exposure, graded and progressive exercise programmes and the use of targeted manual therapy to improve your experience of your body.


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