walking as movement

Movement in your work day

Movement makes us feel better

Movement causes lubrication and lubrication is what helps our joints, muscles, tendons, heart, circulation, brain. If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly blogs you’d also know that movement is what helps pain. When our back is the most sore and all we want to do is curl up and watch netflix we need to move.

As a society we spend way too much time sitting down. Sitting down driving to work, sitting down at work, sitting down driving home, sitting down to watch TV (or Netflix) after a long day at work– that’s just way too much sitting!

What can you do to get more movement into your day and week? You can’t get rid of your job but there are several ways you can improve your working week and make it more active with the following steps:

Walk to and from work

Commute to work via walking or bike. Drive part way and walk the rest? 20 minutes of movement in the morning and afternoon without even trying – that would be 40 minutes of exercise every single day! You’ll also arrive at work invigorated and energised from your workout – bonus!

Move during your lunch break

Move at lunch

Get outside and go for a walk around the block in the sunshine rather than sitting at your desk typing away with one hand and eating a sandwich with the other – not only is it very unhygienic (computer keyboards are rife with bacteria unless they are well maintained) it’s also unhealthy – get outside and move! For you coffee addicts, rather than having another pod coffee in the office, find out where the nearest coffee shop is and grab a work buddy and walk down and get you caffeine fix.

Get social at work

Move at work

Get up and go talk to your co-workers rather than emailing them or calling them from your desk. They’re up on the 15th floor? Excellent! Take the stairs or at least take them a few flights then use the lift if you must. It’ll give you an energy boost (endorphins!) and it’ll look good to the person you’ve made the effort to go see. Win-win!

Set a timer

movement break

About 2 hours  is most people’s maximum concentration span before productivity decreases.


Time to have a 10 minute break.

Stretch (back, legs, shoulders anything), do a couple of squats or calf raises and neck movements to keep you limber and give your poor eyes a break from that computer. Roll your hips around hula hoop style. Then go grab a drink of water or go to the loo. When you sit back down again your brain and body will be refreshed. Oh, and if you think people are judging you for stretching then think again – they’re likely just jealous that they aren’t being pro-active and healthy themselves!

What about exercise classes at Vital Core?

Why, I’m glad you asked!

If you can get movement into your day at work, it can significantly decrease your experience of pain. However you may also need to work on some ‘deficits’ in your strength, control or mobility.

This is where a specialised exercise program can make all the difference. This is what we do best!

We can help you with goal setting and then structuring an appropriate program of home exercises and Vital Core classes to help you achieve those goals.

Our exercise classes are all run by physiotherapists who are experts in safe movement. There are many options to choose from and your Vital Core physio can help guide your choice. In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about the classes we have on offer that may be helpful. In the meantime I invite you to have a look at our class time table and give us a call or you can book an assessment online.  We’d love to help you get active and keep you healthy!