My SRC Recovery Shorts story, by Carlee : Post natal care

I first thought of getting the SRC recovery shorts after seeing them on social media after Bec Judd and Sophie Guidolin had used them. Then once starting the Mummycise classes and talking to the Vital Core Girls I was convinced that I should get them and boy, was I glad I did! I had an appointment at 37 weeks pregnant to be measured up for them (and organise a TENS machine) and was able to take them home with me right then.

On September 15th I had a beautiful baby girl, Poppy, 3.8kg (8lbs 8oz in old measurements). I had a short, fast and loud (for everyone else) birth. Poppy was born vaginally and I had an episiotomy to boot as she was posterior (face up, or the wrong way up!! THANKS POPPY). After the Initial glow of “OMG! I have a baby in my arms and she is all mine, and my husbands I guess”, I was stitched up and wiped down and wheeled off into our room. This is where the real fun of post-delivery recovery starts.

You will never forget that first shower or what looks like a massacre in a bathroom but it’s a great feeling. I can also recommend those shower chairs, giving birth is hard work, and you won’t realise how tired you are, and then comes the massive undies, huge pads and iceblock condoms… USE THEM!! They sit in your undies with the boat pads you wear to catch said massacre and help a lot with swelling. I was assured all this blood was perfectly normal. The things they don’t tell you beforehand!!

It wasn’t until the next morning I tried on my Recovery Shorts. After attempting to sit up in bed – an easy enough task task for some. However, when you’re used to having a big, hard belly and your muscles have been stretched to make room for your bundle of joy to grow for months, you look more like a fish flapping out of water. Having no core muscles working correctly and a very soft tummy, apparently watching me attempt to get out of bed that first morning was hilarious to my dear husband.

Once the initial wriggle of getting the recovery shorts on was complete, I felt amazing! It was instant, seriously – they held everything together. I felt like my tummy and core was held in, and my body was supported. It made caring for Poppy so much simpler and it made me feel like my guts weren’t going to fall out. Just being able to pick Poppy up, get in and out of bed and manoeuvring for feeding so much easier. I had a back injury a while ago, and I definitely think that it also help support my back, especially when learning to breastfeed, so that I did not aggravate it and end up with sore back or shoulders.

The other bonus of these shorts is they hold everything together down stairs as well! I can only speak from a vaginal birth perspective. However you are bruised, swollen and bleeding and you have stitches in there. I know not pretty but it’s the truth of it. I felt that these shorts help hold everything in my undies in place. Giant boat pad, and ice blocks for swelling. Having all this between your legs isn’t comfortable but knowing its all held securely in place makes pottering around your room and the hospital a much easier and comfortable.

I wore my Recovery Shorts for the first 5-6 weeks post birth, then intermittently from then. At home I would just wear them with no outer clothes, and they are a good length they you can get away with wearing them under most clothing. I’ve heard that the “mini” length is about to be released as well – a great option for women who wear shorter shorts. There are full length leggings as well, for the winter.

There was a 3 day heat wave of 35+ degree days and I did find them quite hot under clothing on those days but in general it was fine. Because Poppy is so young and not very good at controlling her temperature yet, I wasn’t getting outside much those days! They also wash and dry really quickly.

I could go on all day about the SRC Recovery Shorts – they were my number 1 best buy for post-partum recovery! They are not cheap and only covered by some private health policies, but to me were worth every cent.


I would and have recommended them to every pregnant friend I know. I don’t think until you have had the baby you truly know the feeling of losing that core support, these shorts were my saviour!