Beatrice Ling

Beatrice graduated from the University of South Australia in 2019 and started working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy where she developed a true passion to help people with movement problems or injuries, and people with disabilities across all age groups, to achieve their long-term health goals.

Beatrice grew up in Malaysia and she has had extensive exposure to people with different cultures and backgrounds and she is able to provide consultations in both English and Mandarin. Over the 2 years of working as a physiotherapist, Beatrice has discovered a love of helping women of all ages to achieve their health and fitness goals. Beatrice truly believes in the powerful benefits of movement and exercise therapy for women of all ages and in all stages of life, which motivated her to expand her knowledge even further. Beatrice also holds a keen interest in Pilates, and loves treating a wide range of conditions including back and neck pain, hip, groin, knee injuries, and sports rehabilitation and more.Beatrice’s approach to treatment is founded on movement and exercise, she is also a believer in the key role of hands-on therapy, in particular in the early period of a treatment journey and as maintenance.

Beatrice is an advocate of self-management and injury prevention, and loves working with her clients to develop long-term management plans that are tailored to their presentation to achieve and sustain long-lasting health goals. Outside of Vital Core, you’ll find Beatrice with her camera and in the search of great cafés, restaurants (in particular Malaysian food!), outdoors, and exploring Australia’s hidden gems!


Beatrice 2019年毕业于澳洲南澳大学物理治疗系,临床经验主要在私立诊所,她积累了很多治疗运动损伤,关节、肌肉劳损,肩、颈、腰疼的经验,她也能为不同年龄层的人群提供理疗服务。Beatrice在马来西亚出生以及长大,她能够流利地使用中文以及英文交流。