Thomas Kostakis

Thomas graduated from the University of South Australia in 2021, with key interests in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and helping patients overcome fear of movement.

Overall, he aims to encourage healthier, more active lives with the combination of hands-on physiotherapy and education for how patients can help themselves through movement.

Being a personal trainer and exercise class instructor for over four years, Thomas combines his knowledge of physiotherapy with exercise prescription and motivational skills, to encourage people of all ages to not just move, but to love it. This extends from older patients learning to move again, to more competent lifters hoping to refine their compound movements, such as deadlifts and squats, after an injury. This also translates to sport-specific rehabilitation, helping patients of all ages return to the field both quickly and safely.

While Thomas enjoys treating a range of conditions - from chronic necks, backs, knees, and everything in between - his professional goal is to become a pelvic floor specialist. With a pelvic floor dysfunction himself, he is hoping to help remove the barriers that men face with pelvic floor treatments and examinations, and use the reflection from his own experiences and trauma to best address both the physical and psychological effects of pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Outside of Vital Core, Thomas writes and performs theatre, notably ‘The DOs and DON’Ts of DOING It,’ a semi-autobiographical play that encapsulates the difficulty of being intimate with pelvic pain. He also composes music, and struggles to play tennis.