Running analysis

By Physio Stacey

Did you know that 50% of runners will have some form of injury … in ANY given year?

That means that for all of you that run, you are more than likely to have an injury caused by running. Running is a fabulous form of exercise. We’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t run, but we would suggest you do all you can to prevent or limit their occurrence.

At Vital Core we can assist you in developing the habits, strength, flexibility, endurance and control you require to avoid these injuries from occurring or if you’re already injured, to prevent them from coming back. 

Running analysis at Vital Core

Trunk, hip and knee control are huge contributors to running injuries.

Our team here at Vital Core physio is trained in running assessment, analysis and exercise prescription.

When you come in for you running assessment, we will sit down with you to work through what bought you in the door and what events or goals you might have in mind. We will also ask you lots of questions about your running history and previous injuries.

We then perform an assessment of the area which is giving you grief and any other areas we think might be limiting your ability to get better, faster, stronger. 

Bring your running gear – part of our running analysis is performed outdoors (pending the weather of course) and you need to wear the shoes you would normally run in and comfy clothes.

Using video analysis software, we will record you running and then together we will break down your run, bit by bit, to ensure we completely understand how your running mechanics may be causing your injury.

Based on this analysis, we will then develop a tailored exercise regime for you to complete at home, at the gym, or outdoors, to target areas which may have some imbalances and are likely to be causing your pain. 

We will usually be working with you for 12 weeks to ensure you are not only pain free, but so that you develop a strong foundation for your training, and to avoid pain from returning. We want to give YOU the tools to get ALL the way better. 

A running analysis is suitable not only for runners, but also for anyone who participates in sports which require a lot of running (football, basketball, soccer, touch footy etc.).  We often will develop a training program that already compliments the work you are already doing as part of your sport. 


Individual exercise not your thing? RunFit classes run every school term for 8 weeks. Our progressive group exercise classes are circuit based and are designed to develop your strength, flexibility, endurance and body awareness when running. They are suitable for all abilities,

If you have a running event coming up, are sore after playing your sport or would like more information, please contact us on 83310552 to book in your running assessment. 


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