Whether you’re looking to improve your strength and fitness or rehabilitating from an injury, our group exercise classes are a safe and effective way to achieve your goal.

All classes are lead by one of our Physiotherapists and tailored to suit the specific needs and physical requirements of all participants. Individual attention will ensure you are exercising correctly and safely whilst managing any injuries or problem areas. Speak to your treating Physiotherapist about which class would be most suitable for you.

In 2022, it is a requirement in our group exercise sessions that you are up to date with Covid-19 vaccination, for the safety of other group participants.

Mummycise - pregnancy exercise class

An exercise class specifically designed for pregnant women or the very early (less than 12 weeks) post natal. This class focuses on low back and pelvic strength as well as upper back and neck mobility and posture. During pregnancy your body changes so much week to week, so we work with you to help coordinate the different way your core muscles, your legs, glutes, and your back have to move to accomodate these rapid changes. Commit to be fit during pregnancy and reap the rewards!

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Mums and Bubs - Early postnatal exercise class

Specifically designed to address the needs of the early post natal women, our Mums and Bubs classes focus on rebuilding control of your pelvic floor, abdominal wall and gluteal strength. Mums are very welcome to bring their babies (up to crawling) in a friendly, nurturing, safe and sociable environment. Exercises will be modified to suit the fitness levels of all participants. Available 4+ weeks post partum, after your post natal assessment and goal review.


In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

MumFit - Post natal circuit based strength class

A progression from Mums and Bubs class. Mumfit is a circuit based exercise class using weights and cardio equipment to help get mums strong and ready to return to the gym. There is still that focus on pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation but incorporates more functional movements. It is a fun, yet challenging class.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

RunFit - Exercise session for the recreational runner

Running is a fabulous form of exercise. It improves cardiovascular health, lower limb strength and mental health. Unfortunately as an activity that relies on repetitive impact it is often associated with injuries. Many of these injuries can be prevented with targeted exercise and knowledge about training principles. RunFit is an 8-week progressive course ran through the school term. It includes a progressive strength based program once a week with associated home exercises and educational material to improve the general form and ability and knowledge of the recreational runner and to help those who want to start or return to running.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

StrongFit- Learn how to lift weights

If you have recurrent sporting injuries you need to get strong. If you suffer from bone density issues, you need to get strong. If you are having trouble getting through your day without pain, you need to get strong. Resistance training is fabulous for everyone, yet so many avoid the gym because they don't know how to safely and effectively lift weights. StrongFit is an 8 week progressive program teaching you how to safely and effectively lift weights so that you can confidently join your local gym and reap the benefits of regular resistance training.


In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Clinical Rehab - Pilates informed exercise

Clinical Rehab classes are small group exercise classes where every participant has an individualised program. These high focus classes involve the use of specialised  pilates equipment including reformers, trapeze tables, and multi chair. Your physiotherapist may also add exercises with the BOSU, fitball, mats and band to your equipment program. Read more about Clinical Rehab here.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.




Young Athlete development program - TeenFit

Children are not simply small adults. They have specific strength and conditioning requirements depending on their developmental stage. The sporting and general physical demands on kids are often huge, yet they generally don’t learn appropriate strength and conditioning until they are adults (if at all). Lets help our kids move and perform at their best.

We have developed these programs specifically for the needs of both boys and girls at different ages and stages. The TeenFit program runs for 8 weeks during the school term and is progressive - meaning that each week's exercises builds on the previous week (this of course can be individualised as appropriate). You can read more about the program here.

Young Athlete Development Program - KidFit 

Specifically for boys and girls aged approximately 8-12, Kidfit is a circuit based progressive exercise class over 8 weeks, through the school term. It is specifically for kids who lack balance, control and posture awareness. It's for those kids who need a little help to get their bodies ready for sport or to prevent injuries. It is a fun, supportive and comfortable environment for kids to learn to move better. You can read more about the entire Young athlete development program here.


Back to Basics - Floor based Pilates informed exercise class

Ideal for strengthening, toning, core control and increased flexibility. Back to Basics involves precise movements (the majority performed sitting or laying) in combination with specific breathing techniques to increase your body and mind connection. Utilising some Pilates exercises which are tailored to your individual needs and are a great way of returning to exercise following the birth of a baby. This class is also idea for men and women wanting to breathe better, move better, stand taller and live with less pain.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Mature Movers - Exercise class for older adults

Tailored to those over 60, this class is a fun and social way to commit to exercise. With a focus on strength, movement, weight bearing, balance and co-ordination, you will make your way through a circuit using our gym equipment and floor based activities. All exercises are developed by our physiotherapists, modified to your specific needs and are closely supervised to ensure your safety.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Strong Core - Fitball based exercise class

Using primarily the Fitball and exercise banding this unique class is great for whole body conditioning. With a focus on improving core control for back, neck and pelvic strength, Strong Core is an energetic, fun way to start your Saturday morning! Ideal for those wishing to start or return to exercise or those looking to stay accountable to exercising regularly with other people.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Strength and Conditioning - Individual programs

Ideal for patients returning to exercise following an injury or surgery, those looking for a targeted work out or working around a physical limitation. Your physiotherapist will develop an exercise program specifically for you focusing on your goals. Using our fully equipped gym, you will work through your program under the guidance and supervision of a physio to ensure you are working safely and with correct technique with appropriate progressions each session. To achieve the best results and continuous improvement a program review is due every three months, and we recommend attending twice per week.

In 2022 all group exercise participants must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations.

Casual Unsupervised Gym

$40 per calendar month for unlimited access (no concessions or further discounts apply)

For patients who find it difficult to fit in with our supervised gym sessions we are opening our gym up for casual, unsupervised gym sessions.  Available when classes aren’t in session you will require a personal gym program, clearance from your treating physiotherapist and regular program updates to participate.  More information is available from reception.  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

An initial physiotherapy assessment is required before commencing any Vital Core class.

You can call 83310552 to speak to one our friendly receptionists, or book online now.