Sports physiotherapy is for everyone – not just for the elite

We often have people come to see us who say “well it’s not really a sports injury….. I just hurt my knee during a gentle jog”. Yes it is a sports injury and therefore it needs sports physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy is for anyone who injures themselves whilst exercising and who wants to get back to that exercise.

During the COVID 19 restrictions we saw a huge drop in our usual Autumn sporting injury presentations (football, netball, soccer and hockey). However we have seen a HUGE increase in people with niggles from running or walking Mt Lofty or Zoom Boot camp exercise sessions 😲.

However, outdoor sports trainings are starting to resume. Before we know it Saturday mornings will be back to multiple sporting venues for parents and Parkrun traffic! Social netball will be back. Saturday afternoon hockey is coming.

Why do you need to know this?🤷‍♀️

Because it’s very different to what you have been doing these past three months. If you have been doing home boot camp and are now about to step back on the footy field, your body will not be conditioned for it. If you have a child that has difficulty motivating themselves to exercise when they haven’t got formal sport, they are at high risk of injury because most kids don’t know how to ‘ease’ themselves back into it.

How sports injuries typically start

We all start just fine. We’ll be a bit sore muscularly after the first couple of sessions, but not too bad – that’s to be expected after a break. This seems to settle down fairly quickly and we dismiss it as just training soreness.

As the weeks go by the niggles start to build…. A bit achey around the knee, heel or lower back at the end of the session. A bit more difficultly with jumping/running through the session. Out comes the ice…. we start icing after each session and increasing our stretching, the deep heat comes out too…. but the niggle becomes worse.

Before too long we are modifying the sessions and taking an extra day or two off. But still the pain doesn’t go.


The worried thoughts begin…Whats wrong? What have I done? I’ve only been back at it for 4-6 weeks?

Eventually you seek help. All going well of course you have come to see one of the team at Vital Core.

How Vital Core physio can help

Ideally you would come to see us in the lead up to getting back into sport so we can assess the key area’s required for that activity and help devise a return to sport plan that should limit the risk of over use injury.



If you do hurt yourself we want to see you as soon as possible to assess what’s happened and get a plan in place to get you back out there enjoying your sport. Vital Core Physiotherapy takes an active approach to managing all sorts of sporting injuries and return to sport programs for both recreational and serious athletes of all ages and we particularly love to help kids get out there enjoying sport.

We prefer to take an early intervention approach to preventing any niggle or concern becoming an injury by analysing your biomechanics in order to optimise your efficiency whether it’s a running stride, basketball footwork, netball pivot, tennis swing, rowing stroke or football kick. We also use slow motion video analysis to assist us with this process as required.

With this assessment and an understanding of what is important to you, the Vital Core team will structure a comprehensive treatment plan that will get you 100% better and achieving  your goals.

Initially we will recommend modifications to your weekly training loads to a level that will ensure healing occurs, but that usually doesn’t mean stopping everything for more than a week or two (except for a traumatic injury). We know that complete rest is rarely the right treatment.

Common return to play conditions we manage;

  • Adolescent pains – often considered as ‘growing pains’ – e.g. Osgood Schlatters or Sever’s conditions.
  • Runners/ netballers/ jumpers knee
  • Front knee pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee sprains
  • Post fracture rehabilitation
  • ITB, Achilles, hamstring or hip tendon pain
  • ACL reconstructions
  • Post surgery rehabilitation.

Basketball injuries

Beck and Tory have kids that have been involved in high level junior basketball for a number of years. As a result they have seen and managed a large number of common injuries and complaints caused on the court.

At Vital Core we understand kids and the huge demands they have on their bodies. High level junior athlete’s will often have more training and playing commitments each week than an adult professional athlete! Plus the kids have school as well as trying to grow and develop. This all needs to be managed well to ensure the child recovers well and continues to enjoy their sport.

As Women’s health physiotherapists we are particularly passionate about the young female athlete. Teenage girls with sporting injury will need to be assessed and managed somewhat differently to a boy with the same injury. We understand this.

Exercise classes for kids and teenagers

Whilst an individualised exercise program is always the best choice for injury rehabilitation, kids often respond better when the exercise can be a bit fun. The same too could be said of adults. Check out our exercise classes here. You can read more about our Clinical rehab classes (based on pilates equipment) here.

We also have kids specific exercise sessions. KidFit is for kids aged 8-12 who need help with their general strength and fitness. It is a small group class using our gym equipment and progresses through a 6 week program. It’s run after school (KidFit will resume term 3 2020 – please register your interest).

Kidfit is a fun class for 8-12 year olds that need a bit of help with their strength and coordination.

We also have our very popular TeenFit class designed specifically for teenage girls. This primarily uses the Pilates equipment but also some of the gym equipment to build strength and control. Each girl has her own individual program and as it is a small group the physio ensures technique is spot on.  Keeping our teenage girls in organised sport is a passion of ours – you can read more about it here –  teenage girls in sport?


Recreational running physio

Parkrun has revolutionised recreational running

Recreational Running is  a particular interest to us and as such it is where we truly excel. If you are just getting back into running, or have recurrent niggles or injuries we can help. You can read our blogs on running injuries here.

We also run a term based running specific exercise program called RunFit. RunFit class is normally held Monday and Tuesday nights through the school term as an 8 week program. As well as the weekly class, RunFit includes weekly educational emails to help participants improve their running IQ as well as a simple home exercise program This term we are running a ‘virtual’ Runfit – which has been great. But next term we will be back to normal scheduling.

Rowing physio

Tory is a ‘Bronze’ provider of physiotherapy services for Rowing Australia and has over 30 years of rowing experience to share with school, club or masters rowers. Did you know she is a world champion and Olympian? She know’s rowing and the biomechanics of rowing better than most people. As well as being available for individual assessments, Tory is also available to run programs at your rowing club on injury prevention, optimal warm up routines, and off water strengthening programs in addition to treatment for athletes.

So if you or one of your loved ones is complaining of being sore from sport or exercise, please come and see us. You can call the clinic (83310552) or book online. Lets work together to get you back out enjoying the sport you love.