Stress and Training – Your body

Running and training cause physical stress that is present in our blood stream. Inflammatory factors are a normal product of exercise, and indeed, what causes the adaptation – we need it. But too much inflammation is bad and delays recovery.

Other environmental and personal stress cause a similar effect on the body. Long hours at work, stress from work, kids, family, worry etc can all take a toll.

This will affect your ability to recover from any given training session, so you may need to give yourself an extra day or two, or reduce the intensity of a training session to be able to keep yourself injury free and recovering adequately from sessions.

Here in Adelaide, we have had a monstrously hot summer. That adds to the physical stress, and can effect your recovery time, especially when added with poor sleep during the hot nights. The breathtakingly cold weather experienced in North America over these same months would create different stressors again – but they would still need to be taken into account.

Bear in mind that any program is written for a ‘best case scenario’ or for a mythical ‘average’. It is not writ in stone. You can and should modify it a little to best suit you. If you need advice with your program, our team of sports trained physiotherapists can help.

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