The case for exercise in tissue healing

As I was running this morning (yay – I am running a bit again! Injuries are really hard to live with, I have always known this, but yes, the shoe is on the other foot now. I commiserate in the strongest way), I listened to another of the excellent podcasts from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Whilst these are aimed specifically at those who work in Sports Medicine, I think there is much of value to anyone interested in understanding how how moving body works.

This article discussed in the interview explains exactly how it is that exercise and tissue loading helps to heal the muscle. There will often be some soreness associated with loading in the early stages of rehab, but this is ok and a part of the healing process – you do not keep resting until all pain is gone, but be sensible about how much you load the injured tissue – if you spend much of your day on your feet, and you are a runner and you have a lower limb injury and you have a series of specific exercises to do, this totals a considerable load. Early on, you will typically not be running much or at all, but doing graded exercises to load the injured tissues. This is where your physio can guide you closely.