Using your foam roller

As you know, most of us here at Vital Core Physio run, and we certainly treat a lot of runners. Athletes of many ages and in many different sports need to stretch and massage themselves to balance the demands of training. We find that lots of people like to use a foam roller – a friend uses one, or they see someone use it at the gym, but they don’t know how best to use it. Or they read online somewhere that you need to use the foam roller to fix your ITB. There is a lot more you need to do to ‘fix’ an ITB issue, and everyone will be a little different in terms of what rehab they need.

This link with a series of short videos is the best instructional series that I have found online for how to use the foam roller. I would recommend doing a very thorough session with it 2-3 times per week in most instances. The whole series, both sides of the body, should take about 30 minutes, so get comfy in front of the TV or listening to a good radio show or podcast, find a clear patch of carpet, and get rolling!

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