Addit May 2022

SA Health has advised that Tier 2 services (this includes physiotherapy) requires all people (staff and patients) to wear a mask when entering the clinic. 

SA Health has also advised that close contacts may now attend a Tier 2 service (physiotherapy) for the purpose of seeing treatment only. This means that as long as you are well and have had a negative RAT that day you may attend your physiotherapy appointment. However you may not accompany another person if you are a close contact (e.g parent who is a close household contact can not attend/ support a child who is receiving treatment).

We shall continue to provide you with a safe place to seek advice and treatment and to exercise for you health. All of our physiotherapy and admin staff are fully vaccinated. We continue to abide by the best health information available. At this stage we must continue with our requirement for all adults to be fully vaccinated to attend our group exercise classes. Those who are not vaccinated do have the option of doing 1:1 exercise sessions with their physio. For any concerns or questions please contact our practice manager Peta (info@vitalcore.com.au).
The health advice on the use of masks in the gym space has changed in recent weeks. You no longer need to wear a mask whilst exercising unless you choose to do so.


Addit November 23rd 2021

Please find the latest Vital Core COVID response by following this link.

Addit November 30th 2020

With several new COVID cases in recent weeks SA Health has directed all people attending Allied Health providers (patients and staff) to wear a disposable surgical mask. Cloth masks are not suitable.

As we get used this new direction, we will have some disposable masks available for patients who forget theirs, but as these are in limited supply we would really like for you to bring and wear your own.

SA Health today has also asked all Allied Health business to have a COVID safe plan for tracking of contacts. Vital Core management will get this underway ASAP.

As always the health and safety of our community is paramount. We will fo all we can to follow the rules and remain open to help our patients feel and move better.

Addit – November 26th 2020

We were fortunate to come out of the 6 day lockdown very early and have been able to reopen to November 16 guidelines.

Physio’s will be wearing a mask for most appointments and gym sessions where 1.5m social distancing isn’t possible. Patients are encouraged to wear masks if possible.

Classes will continue as close to normal with all our COVID cleaning in place.

Hand sanitiser is readily available and we encourage all patients to use it.

Please stay away if you are unwell and if you have any of the COVID symptoms please seek testing.

Addit – November 20th 2020

Unfortunately we have been forced to close for this SA circuit breaker. At this stage we will reopen on Tuesday the 24th at 8am.

Addit – November 18th 2020

In line with SA Government announcement today we will be reducing some of our physiotherapy services for the next week (Thursday 19/11 – Wednesday 25/11) at this stage.

  • There will be no physiotherapy lead exercise classes during this time.
  • Face to face consultations are still available.
  • Telehealth appointments either via a phone or video/ computer is available.
  • 1:1 Clinical rehab sessions are available.
  • All patients will be required to wear a mask within the clinic – patients must bring their own mask.

Addit – 16th November 2020

Unfortunately it appears that here is SA we are about to enter our ‘Second Wave’ following an outbreak of COVID 19 over the weekend. As such the SA Government have slightly tightened our rules and regulations.

Firstly, we remain open. Physiotherapy IS an essential service (as determined by the Australian Government) as it keeps so many of our community moving and out of pain. This prevents or limits the number of people presenting to our hospital emergency departments and GP clinics with pain conditions.

At this stage this includes ALL of our therapeutic physio guided exercise sessions as we know exercise is the BEST way to manage pain and dysfunction. Our class numbers remain well within the guidelines of space/person.

As a clinic we shall continue to be extremely diligent with our infection control protocols.

These include (but not limited to);

– Every patient must use hand sanitiser upon arrival at the clinic and after touching their face. We also encourage patients to use hand santisier as they leave the clinic. It is available in every room/space.
– Each room/ space entrance has a label with the maximum number of people allowed printed on it. All staff are constantly monitoring the total number of people in each space/room. This includes monitoring the reception space and directing patients into different area’s if numbers are becoming high. Patients may also be asked to wait outside (weather permitting) or in their cars before an appointment.
– Encouraging patients to remain 1.5m away from each other in the reception area as well as in the exercise spaces.
– Cleaning of exercise equipment between class participants.
– Only the physio’s accessing the gym program box.
– Hourly cleaning of the high contact surfaces especially reception, door handles and bathrooms.
– Clinic room surface cleaning between patients.
– Encouraging patients NOT to attend the clinic if they are feeling in any way unwell but especially if they have cold like symptoms. Please see the SA Health website for more information. If you are unwell, PLEASE GET TESTED. There are more testing facilities available – follow this link to find your closest testing facility.

As always our community is our first concern. We have many pregnant ladies, mums with newborn babies, elderly people and those patients with a compromised immune system, all who rely on us to help them move and feel better.  We must continue to keep our clinic safe for us all.

We will monitor the situation very closely and follow all SA Health directions. Please see our website for all updates. You can view all our previous COVID-19 information here.

Addit – 1st October 2020

We have been so fortunate here in SA. At the time of writing there is only a single case of COVID19 – a return traveller who is in isolation. However,  we must not become complacent.

Social distancing is still very important, as is hand and face hygiene. We still encourage you to call and cancel if you are unwell or have developed any of the known COVID signs.

Please continue to use the ample hand sanitiser in the clinic as often as you feel necessary but definitely upon arrival and on exit, but also at any stage you touch your face.

All gym and Pilates equipment is cleaned between classes now. However if it makes you feel better you are welcome to clean it down before and after your usage.

Addit – 17th August 2020

As Victoria continues be faced with incredibly tight stage 4 restrictions to ease their deadly community transmission, SA has maintained an extremely low level of active cases. However this is no time to become complacent. We must be vigilant.

All cleaning procedures continue here at Vital Core. Hand sanitiser is available and we still encourage you to cancel if you are feeling unwell. Telehealth consultations are still available – just ask reception.

We have placed a bench in front of our reception counter to decrease the opportunity to ‘lean’ on the counter and therefore place our reception staff at risk. There are pink dots on the floor in front of the reception desk as a reminder of social distancing.

In our gym space we encourage you to go about your exercise but ensure you clean down the gym equipment after use. We have a number of soap pray bottles and clothes to do this. Please also remember to use the hand sanitiser on entry and exit of the gym.

Please avoid touching touching the box with the gym programs in it. Instead, wait for the physio leading your session to come and issue them out.

In the Clinical Rehab room the physio will clean down the equipment between people.

At the front of each room is a table indicating the maximum number of people allowed in each space. Feel free to check it out.

Addit – 9th July 2020

Many of us here is Adelaide feel we have avoided the huge storm that is COVID-19 compared to those in other states and indeed other countries. Whilst Government restrictions have eased, it is important that we do not become complacent. Here at Vital Core we are keeping up with all the regulations and have completed the recommended (non-compulsory) COVID-19 training and have a registered plan in place. Our gym spaces are in fact quite large and under the current guidelines the main area could have up to 35 people in in!!! We never have anything like that in there. Similarly though the Clinical Rehab room can officially have more than 12 people – we of course limit this to 4-6 participants plus the physio.

We are remaining vigilant with the social distancing in the reception area too and encourage people to use the gym to wait if it is appearing a little crowded in the reception are or in even in their cars.

Daily cleaning is of course still occurring (multiple times each day) and the clinic rooms have their main (hand) contact surfaces wiped between every patient. Sanitiser is now fully stocked (yay! We were running low for a while there).

As I know you are all aware, please refrain from coming to the clinic if you or your child is unwell. Simply call and our wonderful receptionists will reschedule your appointment.


Addit – 25th May 2020

Whilst we may be coming out of the extremes of the COVID19 crisis here in South Australia (May 25th 2020). It is still good to understand all that your Vital Core physio team has done to manage during the crisis. If there is any change in COVID19 numbers here in South Australia or if we are required by Government, we will revert back to restrictions mentioned below. As on next week (June 1st) classes will be returning in a limited capacity. In order to maintain strict control over our class numbers, online class bookings are not available just now. Some classes will continue to be available online such as Mummycise and MumFit classes (they will also be available face to face). Social distancing of patients in our common areas will apply and you are still quite welcome to wait for your appointment or class in your car (please just call reception on 83310552 when you arrive). Frequent cleaning will continue. This will include all exercise equipment between participants. Hand sanitiser is available in every room. Please ensure you use it upon arrival and when leaving.

As always, please do not attend the clinic if you or your child is sick. Call 83310552 to cancel and rebook.

Together we can keep us all safe.


CORONOVIRUS and Vital Core Physiotherapy – March – May 2020

COVID19 has presented us an with an unprecedented challenge.  Australians are being asked to take measures that we’ve never had to before – things like cancelling travel, not going to concerts, social distancing as well as home isolation.

You may be wondering how this affects your physiotherapy treatment and services.  At Vital Core physiotherapy we continue to offer quality face to face care for our patients. The Australian Government considers physiotherapy as an essential service. It is a service that promotes self management and helps to keep those with minor aches and pain as well as more complex  complex musculoskeletal or pelvic floor issues that don’t require medication or surgery out of GP clinics.

There are many things we are doing as health professionals to minimise risk of exposure through rigorous hygiene practices and patient screening to keep you and our staff safe.  So, you are welcome to come in for your treatment or individualised exercise session subject to our screening processes.


Virtual Physiotherapy – Online or Phone


If you are in self-isolation or would prefer to minimise outside contact during the COVID19 pandemic, you may like to consult with us via our Virtual Physiotherapy platform. Virtual Physio uses digital technology that’s readily available on your computer or phone to receive an assessment and treatment from our physio.  It is safe and effective, and our physio’s are trained to deliver virtual consultations consultations. You can book your virtual physio appointment by calling 83310552 or online.

Virtual physio is also a great option for those who find it hard to get here because of distance or work commitments, so can be a great option for chronic pain conditions, for rehab program, for self management and for exercise progressions for return to sport.  We will continue to use Virtual physio consultations after the COVID 19 pandemic has passed.

Exercise sessions


Whilst we will not be running our usual group physio lead exercise sessions during the COVID19 pandemic, we have many other ways to help you move more and be active.

1:1 face to face exercise

We have opened up a number of time slots for patients to come in and work 1:1 with a Vital Core Physio either in the gym space or the Clinical rehab room (pilates equipment). To help out our patients we are offering this service at a heavily discounted price. Please call reception for more information.

Short online workouts

Under the products section of our website you will find a number of easy to access and perform workouts. These tick off the key areas we focus on in the clinic. Remember these are all lead by a physiotherapist so are very different to any other online exercise workout. We take into consideration our community. So you will find short glute work outs, back to basics (mat pilates) sessions as well as our popular mummycise (prenatal) and strong core workouts. These are cheap, and once purchased can be watched and rewatched as many times as you like.  We are adding new workouts each week to keep it interesting for you.

Online zoom sessions

Starting next week (13/4/2020) we will be launching a brand new online exercise timetable. This will have two classes a day, Monday to Friday and will cover all our favourites plus a couple of new classes. Stay tuned to learn more.


We have a number of video’s for you to view free on our YouTube channel. Most have some top tips to help you feel and move better.


Make sure you follow us on facebook where we post our latest tips and tricks for getting better movement into your day. Most recently we have discussed work station set up and loosening your upper back when working from home. We’ll keep posting these each week as well as information we think is beneficial at this time.

Blog page

The Blog section of our website has a huge catalogue of information and ways you can move more and feel better. For example our most current blog is on upper back and neck pain caused by working from home and what you can do about it.

Whilst it is a challenging time, at Vital Core Physio we are doing our very best to help you, our community, to continue to feel cared for. We all know that exercise is the best medicine of all, so we will keep finding ways to help you move and feel better, An active community it a healthy community.


Take care of yourself and your family. The Vital Core team are here if you need us.

Beck and Tory