Why we love Clinical Rehab classes

What is Clinical Rehab?

Clinical Rehab are small group exercise classes where every participant has an individualised program. These high focus classes involve the use of specialised  pilates equipment including reformers, trapeze tables, and multi chair. Your physiotherapist may also add exercises with the BOSU, fitball, mats and band to your equipment program. This big difference between Clinical Rehab and Fitness based Pilates classes is that everyone participating has their own specially tailored program. Everyone is working towards individual goals. Everyone will progress at their own, individual level.

So, just why are Clinical Rehab classes so good for you?

1. Lotion is motion

We human beings were designed to move! Our joints, muscles and bones require ‘gliding and sliding’ for lubrication and flexibility and optimal, daily load for strength building. Just like the proverbial goldilocks and the porridge, this load placed on the tissue can’t be too much, nor too little, but must be just right. It can be tricky at times to work out how much load a joint, or muscle group needs, especially if it has been injured. This is where working with an expertly-trained physiotherapist can help you to add the right amount of load to aid your recovery. We have a blog on this here. The Clinical rehab equipment supports your body while you move to ensure a smooth, coordinated motion.

 2. Being in your body

The Clinical Rehab studio space is light and welcoming after a busy morning of school drop offs, or at the end of a big work day. We guide and support you to perform the exercises and movements slowly which helps you to be present in your body, focus on your breath and build body awareness over time. The great thing about Clinical Rehab is that once you learn how to sit, stand and move more efficiently you have trained your brain and you literally won’t be able to tolerate crummy postures anymore! You will learn to better hear your body’s subtle whispers to stand and stretch at work, (rather than waiting for it to scream at you).

3. Just for you

Our physiotherapists work with you one-on-one before you start a group class to make sure you can exercise safely, and have an individually-tailored program. everybody is different and every body needs a different exercise or combination of exercises to achieve individual goals.

This means that everyone in the small classes has their own program to follow, with prompts, support and guidance throughout each session. The best thing is, you can start where you are, even if you feel really ‘unfit’or have an injury – what a relief! Everything is about YOU and your journey and we’ll be there every step of the way.

 4. Complementary to other sports and exercise

For most participants, Clinical Rehab is just one part of their weekly exercise regime. They may also be attending another class, walking, running, playing competitive or social sport, or be an avid gardener. What you learn in Clinical Rehab can help your form and awareness and improve your performance across the board! Once again, our Clinical rehab classes are individualised so that you can work on the area’s that you need to develop.

Because we have so many classes on offer throughout the week, most people can find a time that fits around work, family and sporting commitments.

 Here are Physio’s Liz and Olivia chatting more about Clinical Rehab at Vital Core.

5. COVID-19 considerations

As COVID-19 restrictions ease here in Adelaide we are able to once again offer our wonderful, individualised Clinical rehab classes. Whilst the Clinical Rehab room is actually quite large (about 25 square meters) we will make it even bigger to allow for maximum social distancing. Every piece of equipment will be cleaned between users and all participants must use hand sanitiser upon entry into the clinic. As always, please don’t attend is you are unwell.

We can’t wait to see you! For more information please call the clinic on 83310552 or book your assessment online.