Your late pregnancy toolkit

So here you are – third trimester! Your last day of work approaches, the nursery furniture is selected, if not already put together and you are preparing for some of the logistics of early motherhood.

But have you looked after yourself?

How do you plan to labour (so much as we can plan these things)? Upright, laying down, drugs or not, leave it to the experts or try to control some of it yourself?
What will you take to hospital with you? Music, a swissball, your own pillow?
What preparations have you made for labour – for pain relief, for movement, for distraction? Who have you spoken to about it?


Are you planning on utilizing some of the management strategies described in ”Birth Skills”?
Did you want to hire a TENS unit?
Do you need some dry needling and knowledge of acupressure points to help facilitate labour?
What about those recovery shorts? They provide wonderful support to your belly, your back and your perineum – all very essential for new mums!


Your Vital Core women’s health physiotherapist can help you find the right answers for you with their wealth of experience.


With our Mummycise exercise classes, “Ready for Labour” 1:1 sessions, TENS machines for hire or sale, SRC recovery shorts for sale, early post natal advice as well as treatment for any aches or pains, we can help you become ready for the most important transition of your life!